Learning New Record Types

Ever wonder what to do when you can’t find those vital records. Certificates for birth, marriage and death are useful genealogical tools but often they aren’t available for many of our ancestors. So what do you do for that pesky 4th great grandfather in Alabama? You have to expand your record horizon and classes at the East Idaho Family History Conference on Oct 14th in Idaho Falls are ready to help you learn. Dive beyond the census and vital records and explore different record types in classes by these experts from East Idaho:


The Daily News: Finding Your Ancestors in Newspapers  with Monique Riley, AG

Learn different newspaper finding aids, where to access digital newspapers online, and how to search both free and paid sites to glean important facts about your ancestors that are often found nowhere else. Examples, tips for success, and resources also will be discussed.


11694005_10153409144035185_2783618190350802097_nDown in the Trenches: U.S. Military Records for Your Ancestors with Zachary Hamilton, Ancestry ProGenealogists

Research tips for finding the records of your military ancestors. Learn where to look and what to look for in this fascinating class that takes a trip into one of the richest record sets in American history… Military Records!



Cemeteries with Mary Jane Saylor

What can you learn at a cemetery and how do I find my ancestor. Learn all about finding your ancestors headstone and cemetery records online or from local societies.


Loretta Evans


Wills and Probates with Loretta Evans

When a person died, the land and belongings were divided among the legal heirs. The documents created in this process can help you find this family. Learn to locate the probate, cut through the legal jargon, analyze the inventory, and reconstruct the family.



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Finding your Family’s Ethnic Connection

German, Native American, Scandinavian! We have it all at the East Idaho Family History Conference this fall. Discover your family’s roots and build strong connections with these classes for groups here and around the world:

union jackBeginning British Research with Doug Eborn

Discover your British ancestry and learn about your English roots. This class will delve into the basics of tracing your family throughout England with what to look for, common records, and an introduction to methodology.


German Ancestor, Where are you from? with Bryce Rogers

Finding an immigrant ancestor’s European hometown is one of the greatest challenges in American genealogy. Come learn strategies and sources to reveal your 19th Century German Ancestor’s place of birth.

naflagBeginning Native American Research with Billy Eddington

An overview of the sources and guides available for beginning research to find Native American ancestors. Finding and focusing on the right tribal nation. This class will also discuss where the records are and how to find them. It will also include family stories and some DNA.

Bradley Marchant


Introduction to Scandinavian Genealogy with Bradley Dean Marchant

Search out the past of your Scandinavian ancestry and connect your family to this wonderful part of the world. Learn records, tips and tricks, and history that will help you to grow your tree in Scandinavian Genealogy.


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Conference Highlight: Do It Yourself DNA

dna-2541693_1920DNA is the new and exciting frontier of genealogy these days, and never a dull one at that. However, for many researchers so many questions still remain. What do I do once I’ve tested? Which company should I test with? What can I learn from DNA that I can’t learn with traditional research? These questions and more are burning in so many researchers minds.

Well, we’ve brought in an expert to answer them: Stephanie Saylor.  Stephanie holds a degree in Biology. Her passion for research, and love of genealogy drive her to help others gain confidence in their ability to use genetic genealogy to further their research goals, and have a closer relationship with their ancestors even when traditional documentation is missing or sparse. You may know Stephanie from her online courses on DNA for the UtahStephanie Saylor Genealogical Association, and she is bringing her talents to the East Idaho Family History Conference in two classes.

What DNA Can Teach You

Learn how genetic genealogy can provide additional documentation on your ancestors. This class focuses on some basics of different DNA tests and gives reasonable expectations on how long and involved your research can be depending on your learning curve, research question, and the type of DNA you are using.

Making a Plan for DNA Testing

A discussion based class on how to make plans for your genetic genealogy research, based on your personal goals. Bring your laptop, research, and experience with traditional and genetic genealogy to brainstorm with the class on multiple paths to conquer your specific genealogical difficulties.

If your DNA is bursting to get out and help you to discover your ancestors, make sure you look into Stephanie’s classes at the East Idaho Family History Conference on October 14th at University Place in Idaho Falls.

Rexburg’s Finest: Stan and Angie Kivett

14708304_10154620423719878_1441985243242149079_nThe East Idaho Genealogy Conference has tried particularly hard to recruit as many of our speakers as possible from the great people here in Eastern Idaho. Among those are Stan and Angie Kivett.

Stan Kivett is a Religion professor at BYU-Idaho and is the course lead for the Introduction to Family History course. He has a doctorate degree in Curriculum Design and currently serves as the Rexburg Family History Center Director with his wife.

Angie Kivett and her husband have 12 children. Angie has taught family history courses at BYU-Idaho in the Institute Program and as an adjunct teacher. She presents at BYU-Idaho Education Week and loves to inspire the desire for family history joy and success.

These two presenters bring years of experience, knowledge of family history, and a special spirit of love for genealogy. They will be presenting the following classes:

12391040_10153834480009878_1443424965800731722_nThe Family History Guide by Angie Kivett – Introduce yourselves to this amazing beginner’s tool. The Family History Guide is a training and learning site meant to help you build your knowledge and experience step by step. The site feature articles, instructional videos, and resources from all over the web in one easy to use place. Angie will walk you through the content, purpose of the site, user tips, and how to incorporate it into your own family history education.



PLEASE Interview Your Ancestors Before You Take Them to the Temple – Stan Kivett Stan has the passion for temple work done right that is almost contagious. Come learn as he shows you how to really prepare and ancestor for temple ordinances that makes you feel as if you are having the special experience of a one on one interview. Find potential ancestors and have a special experience with them in this class.

Registration Begins!

We are now open for registration and we are more than excited to bring you the East Idaho Genealogy Conference right here in Idaho Falls. The conference will be October 14th, 2017 from 9 am – 5 pm. Pre-registration is available online at and walk-in registration will be open that morning at University Place in Idaho Falls starting at 7 am.

The conference will feature five sessions and 30 classes covering a wide range of genealogy topics from using your favorite online tools to finding that British or Native American ancestor. Our speakers come from all over and bring the very best of what Idaho has to offer.

But don’t forget our vendors and other exciting features. This conference is more than just a chance to learn it is a chance for “Finding Connections in Your Family Tree” with other attendees or our myriad of fantastic vendors who will be attending too. They represent everything for groups and societies, small businesses with family history centered products, and educational opportunities.

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A big thank you to the Utah Genealogical Association for helping with registration.