Finding your Family’s Ethnic Connection

German, Native American, Scandinavian! We have it all at the East Idaho Family History Conference this fall. Discover your family’s roots and build strong connections with these classes for groups here and around the world:

union jackBeginning British Research with Doug Eborn

Discover your British ancestry and learn about your English roots. This class will delve into the basics of tracing your family throughout England with what to look for, common records, and an introduction to methodology.


German Ancestor, Where are you from? with Bryce Rogers

Finding an immigrant ancestor’s European hometown is one of the greatest challenges in American genealogy. Come learn strategies and sources to reveal your 19th Century German Ancestor’s place of birth.

naflagBeginning Native American Research with Billy Eddington

An overview of the sources and guides available for beginning research to find Native American ancestors. Finding and focusing on the right tribal nation. This class will also discuss where the records are and how to find them. It will also include family stories and some DNA.

Bradley Marchant


Introduction to Scandinavian Genealogy with Bradley Dean Marchant

Search out the past of your Scandinavian ancestry and connect your family to this wonderful part of the world. Learn records, tips and tricks, and history that will help you to grow your tree in Scandinavian Genealogy.


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