Conference Highlight: Do It Yourself DNA

dna-2541693_1920DNA is the new and exciting frontier of genealogy these days, and never a dull one at that. However, for many researchers so many questions still remain. What do I do once I’ve tested? Which company should I test with? What can I learn from DNA that I can’t learn with traditional research? These questions and more are burning in so many researchers minds.

Well, we’ve brought in an expert to answer them: Stephanie Saylor.  Stephanie holds a degree in Biology. Her passion for research, and love of genealogy drive her to help others gain confidence in their ability to use genetic genealogy to further their research goals, and have a closer relationship with their ancestors even when traditional documentation is missing or sparse. You may know Stephanie from her online courses on DNA for the UtahStephanie Saylor Genealogical Association, and she is bringing her talents to the East Idaho Family History Conference in two classes.

What DNA Can Teach You

Learn how genetic genealogy can provide additional documentation on your ancestors. This class focuses on some basics of different DNA tests and gives reasonable expectations on how long and involved your research can be depending on your learning curve, research question, and the type of DNA you are using.

Making a Plan for DNA Testing

A discussion based class on how to make plans for your genetic genealogy research, based on your personal goals. Bring your laptop, research, and experience with traditional and genetic genealogy to brainstorm with the class on multiple paths to conquer your specific genealogical difficulties.

If your DNA is bursting to get out and help you to discover your ancestors, make sure you look into Stephanie’s classes at the East Idaho Family History Conference on October 14th at University Place in Idaho Falls.

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