Rexburg’s Finest: Stan and Angie Kivett

14708304_10154620423719878_1441985243242149079_nThe East Idaho Genealogy Conference has tried particularly hard to recruit as many of our speakers as possible from the great people here in Eastern Idaho. Among those are Stan and Angie Kivett.

Stan Kivett is a Religion professor at BYU-Idaho and is the course lead for the Introduction to Family History course. He has a doctorate degree in Curriculum Design and currently serves as the Rexburg Family History Center Director with his wife.

Angie Kivett and her husband have 12 children. Angie has taught family history courses at BYU-Idaho in the Institute Program and as an adjunct teacher. She presents at BYU-Idaho Education Week and loves to inspire the desire for family history joy and success.

These two presenters bring years of experience, knowledge of family history, and a special spirit of love for genealogy. They will be presenting the following classes:

12391040_10153834480009878_1443424965800731722_nThe Family History Guide by Angie Kivett – Introduce yourselves to this amazing beginner’s tool. The Family History Guide is a training and learning site meant to help you build your knowledge and experience step by step. The site feature articles, instructional videos, and resources from all over the web in one easy to use place. Angie will walk you through the content, purpose of the site, user tips, and how to incorporate it into your own family history education.



PLEASE Interview Your Ancestors Before You Take Them to the Temple – Stan Kivett Stan has the passion for temple work done right that is almost contagious. Come learn as he shows you how to really prepare and ancestor for temple ordinances that makes you feel as if you are having the special experience of a one on one interview. Find potential ancestors and have a special experience with them in this class.

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